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John Loder,
A photo. Together with a copy of John Loder’s autobiography, Hollywood Hussar, the life and times of John Loder, Howard Baker, London, 1977.
John Loder was formerly John Lowe, son of Brigadier General WHM Lowe. One of the most famous and commonly reproduced photographs taken during the Rising is of the moment of surrender on Saturday April 29th. The picture shows the Commander of Dublin Forces in Ireland, Brigadier General WHM Lowe, facing a clearly un-humbled PH Pearse, who is offering his unconditional surrender. To Brig Lowe’s right, is his aide-de-camp, and son, Major John Lowe. It was to him that Brig Lowe dictated his negative response to Pearse’s initial message wishing to negotitate a ceasefire (by his own admittance, he spelled Pearse’s name incorrectly). Pearse subsequently surrendered unconditionally, and Major John Lowe was ordered by his father to take Pearse to Kilmainham Jail, accompanied by another officer, with an armed guard on the footboard. Apart from Dublin in 1916, John Lowe saw service in Gallipoli, Egypt, and the Somme before being taken prisoner by the Germans in 1918. After his release, Lowe used his new knowledge of German to start a pickles business which folded soon after. On the suggestion of a friend, however, he tried his hand at being a movie actor in the German film industry – a path which would eventually lead Lowe to change his name in order to avoid the disapproval of his father. So John Lowe became John Loder, who eventually moved to Hollywood, California, where he gained some fame in movies and on stage and TV. In 1929, he appeared in Paramount Studios’ first “talking” picture, and over the years, Loder married five times – one of his wives being the famous beauty Hedy Lamarr. (Ref “50 Things you didn’t know about 1916”, Mercier Press)

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