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Bureau of Military History
Liam de Roiste T.D., Cork.

A large collection of detailed notes for his statement to the Bureau of Military History concerning his part in the struggle for Irish Independence, principally in the Cork area, as follows:
* 1899 – 1902. Typescript, 16pp folio (with two duplicate pages) giving his evidence for this period.
* 1915 – Jan. 1916. Manuscript, 16pp folio, detailing his experience.
* February 1915 – April 2nd 1916. A very detailed typescript document written in the first person day to day, possibly drawn from a diary, pages numbered 204 – 305 and 306 – 413; apparently in preparation for his evidence to the Bureau.
* Two T.L. (one signed) from F. O’Donoghue concerning Volunteer Records and De Roiste’s evidence to the Bureau.
A valuable and important Collection. As a lot, w.a.f.
Liam de Roiste was an early associate of Terence Mac Swiney in the Cork Celtic Literary Society, and later in the Cork Industrial Development Society and Irish Volunteers. He was a T.D. in the First and Second Dail, and voted for the Treaty. (1)

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