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The Financial Sinews of the Independence StruggleWith Accounts in Collins’ Hand Sinn Fein, Volunteer Dependents Fund, First Dail. A very important collection of accounts, draft statements, ledgers etc., from the archive of Domhnall Ua Conchubhair [O’Connor] [1872-1935], sometime Secretary of the Gaelic League, accountant to Sinn Fein, the First Dail, and allied bodies associated with the events that led to the foundation of the State, including some accounts almost certainly in Michael Collins’ hand.The contents of a large box, including-The Sinn Fein Bank Limited. A morocco-backed ledger containing subscribers’ names and details for 1908-1910, headed by Arthur Griffith, who subscribed 17/6d. with a 2/6d. entrance fee on 13 July 1908, also George Russell, Dr. Tuohy, E. R. McC. Dix, Bulmer Hobson, Seagh n Mac Diarmada, Wm Redmond (probably not the Irish Party leader), Cathal Brugha, Ald. Thomas Kelly, Mrs. Hegarty, Dublin Total Abstinence & Workmen’s Club (deposit of 7/-, 8 Dec. 1908), etc. etc., many of them subscribing repeatedly; also some later names from 1917. In all a list of some 1,000 shareholders and depositors on about 100 pages. Laid in is a Manuscript Statement of Accounts as at 25th July 1923, showing a deficit of œ2941. -Sinn Fein Bank. A thick folio leatherbacked ledger containing personal account details for shareholders and depositors, one per page, some 290 pages of detailed manuscript accounts. With the previous ledger, an absolutely invaluable guide to the supporters of Sinn Fein in its very early days. -Irish National Aid & Volunteer Dependents’ Fund. Manuscript Accounts from 23 May 1916 to 19th August 1916, showing income of some œ13,000 and expenditure of œ9,700, with a thick bundle of similar documents for 1917-18-19, manuscript, typescript and printed, including arrangements for schooling of dependent children; also a manuscript Analysis of Subscriptions up to January 1919, showing a total of œ134,000 of which œ43,000 came from Ireland; also a small quarto black notebook apparently recording disbursements from the Fund, 1917-18. [Michael Collins was the Fund’s chief organiser 1917-18, and must have been involved in preparation of these accounts).-First Dail Accounts 1921-22. A green clothbound ledger containing some 20 pages of loan and deposit accounts for the Sinn Fein Bank, followed by a page of ‘Military Claims’, including a sum of œ532 paid to cash, Feb 6, 1921; followed by Dail Eireann Department A/Cs, including salary and other payments to the Ministers of the First Dail, E. Blyth, D. Fitzgerald, W.T. Cosgrave, M. Collins (salary œ57.8.5), Countess Markiewicz etc. (with blue-pencilled endorsement, ‘Look up Receipt from Countess Markiewicz for œ61-6-4’; followed by a list of current accounts, 1921-22, circa 14 pp, showing a credit of œ228 standing to Arthur Griffith, 1 April 1921; followed by some pages in a small tidy hand, almost certainly that of Michael Collins: ‘Sinn Fein Bank Limited, account furnished to M. O Coileain’ (2 pp); ‘Amounts paid to M. Collins A/C not entered in books of Sinn Fein Bank, & taken from Notebook only’ (2pp).-Dail Eireann. Accounts, Half-Year ending 30th June 1921, and Half-Year ending 31 December 1921 (printed); Interim Accounts, January 1st to April 10th 1922, printed, issued by M¡che l à Coile in, Aire Airgid; Trustees’ Accounts for the Half-Year ended 30 June 1922, typescript, with amendments, some damp damage with minor loss, also manuscript drafts of same; Trustees’ Account for year ended 31 December 1923, typescript, ms. amendments; Trustees’ Accounts, 1923-4, including location of funds. -Sinn Fein National Council, Accounts (draft), y.e. 31 Aug. 1910; y.e. 31 Aug. 1911; do, Aonach, 3.8.1912; do, Accounts (draft), y.e. 31 Aug. 1912; do, accounts, y.e. 30 Sept. 1918, ms.; do, Tullamore By-Election Account; South Armagh, do.; East Cavan, do.; -An Cl¢-Chumann, Ltd. (printing company established by the Gaelic League). Particulars of premises, plant, machinery etc. to be sold by public auction, November 1909, with detailed account from D. O’Colnnor (Accountants) to liquidator; also a tall narrow ledger, untitled, listing costs for various publications, 1905-8 circa, with some later entries, 1913 and later.-Sinn Fein Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd., Debenture Trust Deed 1909, also bundle of about 50 signed Applications for Debentures, 1908, almost all from UK, including London Central Branch Sinn Fein per P.S. OhEigeartaigh; also Accounts for two years to 31st Oct.1910, ms.; a/c. 31st October 1912, m/ss., in a green wrappered ledger.-Documents relating to the liquidation of the Sinn Fein Bank in 1928-29, including a court judgement and manuscript and typescript lists of depositors and creditors, etc.;-Also a 1930 office diary with entries relating to D. O’Connor’s general accountancy business; and sundry accounts and draft accounts relating to various of the above.As a collection, w.a.f. Condition generally good, but some minor fraying and creasing and/or damp damage, mostly marginal.* An exciting archive. To the best of our knowledge the details of these accounts are unpublished and have not been seen or quoted by any historian. They represent important new information on the financial sinews of the struggle for independence and the establishment of the State, including first hand material relating to Michael Collins – astonishing that they should come to light (in an attic) almost 100 years after the event.

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