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I.R.A. Army Council Minutes: A file containing a typescript agenda and minutes of meetings of the IRA Army Council, March 1929 – July 1931, with a few supporting documents, as follows:
5th March 1929, minutes; 14 March 1929, agenda; 18 March 1929, agenda and minutes; 2 May 1929, agenda; 26 July 1929, agenda & minutes; 3 Sept. 1929, agenda and statement of ‘policy and main objectives’; 11 Sept. 1929, agenda; 13 Sept. 1929 agenda; 25 Jan. 1930, agenda and minutes; 26 Jan. ‘ 6 feb. / 20 Feb. 1930, letters relating to appointment of a ‘reserve’ member of the Army Council; 20.11.30, agenda and minutes (including action on ‘certain cases of treachery’); 1.1.31, agenda and minutes; 13 Jan. ’31, agenda and minutes; 10 Feb. 1931, agenda and minutes; 23 Feb. 1931, agenda and minutes; also a document headed ‘Manner in which it is suggested “Suggestions for a Constitution,” “Recommendations to form an Organisation or Party, and to Secure Elections to Local Government Bodies”; the present Situation and Future Prospects, are to be presented to Conventions’; 10th March 1931, agenda and minutes; 8 April 1931, agenda and minutes; 22 May 1931, agenda and minutes; 5 June 1931, minutes; 9 June, 1931, agenda and minutes; 24 June 1931, agenda and minutes; 6 July 1931, minutes; 16 July 1931, agenda and minutes; in all 22 meetings of the IRA Army Council represented and by agenda or minutes or both, over a period of 30 months, with some supporting documents, while this may be some distance short of a complete record, it is a very useful file.
* These documents are extremely rare: circulation was confined to members of the Council (usually not more than half a dozen), and we cannot recall seeing a similar collection previously. The minutes are typescript, and are generally short and to the point; recording attendance and decisions taken. A few are signed with initials, most are unsigned. As an Archive, w.a.f (1)

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